Search for One x One Roleplays here!

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Re: Search for One x One Roleplays here!

Post  record. on Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:51 am

hi there, my names record. c:

a little about me
- awkward female living in arizona
- mountain standard time
- play either gender
- semi-literate to literate
- often mirrors posts
- prefers m/f (nothing against it, just awkward)

- on at least once a week
- semi-literate to literate
- help with plots and what not
- willing to chat in oc c:
- can play either gender or double up
- have patience with me

what i'd like to do
- avatar last airbender
- legend of korra
- werewolf based
- werewolf x human
- eragon based
- warrior cats
- wolf packs
- pokemon
- maze runner
- superhero based
- hunger games
- open to other suggestions <3

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Re: Search for One x One Roleplays here!

Post  Atlas on Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:26 pm

Hey there! Atlas here! So yeah, now that I'm on christmas break, and want to find a one on one roleplay partner! I'm pretty easy to get along with, and I'll probably be very chatty even when the roleplay isn't going on. Anyways, here's what I'm interested in and what I won't do.

~Werewolf roleplays. I've recently found I've really enjoyed these. I can play either the female or male character no problem. I can be a HumanXWerewolf romance, an adventure roleplay, whatever... It's up to us!
~Harry Potter roleplay. I'd love to do this with original characters. Once again, I'm fine with either gender. Maybe it could take place after the second Wizarding war?
~Band roleplay
~Breaking Bad roleplay. I'd love to do one of these. It can be with OC's or canon characters. If it's with canon characters, though, I'd prefer to be Jesse.
~Anything historically based
~The Walking Dead
~If you want to do something that isn't listed, I'm sure we can work something out!

I'm a semi-literate to literate roleplayer, depending on how much I've been given. It's hard for me to give an estimate, but I can usually chug out 3 or 4 paragraphs. I'm active, unless school is busy or if I have something going on. In which case, I'll warn you in advance. I'm not very good coding, unfortunately. So, if you want every post to be pretty, don't roleplay with me haha. As I said above, I'm friendly and love getting to know people. My grammar and spelling are good, but I make the occasional spelling error, since I type fast. That's it!

Being literate or semi-literate is obvious. I assume everyone is on this site. Activity is also key; please don't abandon me! Also, be willing to come up with ideas, cause I can't always do that. So yeah, that's it! Thanks for reading, and happy roleplaying!


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Re: Search for One x One Roleplays here!

Post  vice versa. on Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:10 pm

hi, i'm vice versa., but i go by analiese.

.about myself.

I am a female, semi-lit roleplayer. Though I'm not what many may call "experienced", I can get around on my own ^.^ I can't stand it when a fellow roleplayer is insulting me, or they think they're better than me. We all have our differences, you don't have to be rude, or point out minor errors that I most likely already noticed, or anything of the sort. I'm very good with grammar and may use long/sophisticated words to replace over-used daily words. I try to write at least 5 good sentences, even if I have writer's block, and I usually can write anywhere from 5-10 sentences, to a full paragraph or three. I prefer to play females, since I myself am female, and it's unlikely that I'd play a male character. I tend to be hyperactive and a bit obsessive.


.literacy. I am a semi-lit roleplayer, so please post at least 3-5 descriptive sentences, so it's easy to reply to. Writer's block is understandable, as I get it sometimes too, but please go for 3 sentences.
.roleplay location. I'd like to do a topic roleplay right now. I can do a roleplay with a PM roleplay if you want.
.activity. I'm not all active, but I dropped off the face of the planet for a couple of months, and I''m trying to get back into a schedule, so please bear with me.
.character limit. You can have as many characters as you want, as long as you can keep track of them. Try to keep all your characters active, if not possible, we'll do something to take them out of the roleplay.

.what i do.

These are the roleplays I'm looking forward to do right now.
any bold/underlined thing would be my role. None of these are in order.

• 5sos [ luke/ashton/calum x oc;  i have like 2 ideas for this. ]
• youtuber x oc
• guardian angel x human girl oc
• equestrian team - high school/academy - [ male teammate x female teammate ]
• zombie apocalypse [ oc's only; not based off of walking dead; female oc for me if you don't mind ]
• free! iwatobi swim club [ any male members x female oc ]
• soul eater [ soul/death the kid/hiro x oc ]
• the scorpio races - book - [ male oc x oc ]
• any anime that i've seen. pm me with suggestions.

have a nice day, thanks for being interested.
vice versa.
vice versa.
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Re: Search for One x One Roleplays here!

Post  StayStrongBeautiful on Thu Jan 01, 2015 12:43 am

Hey there, I'm StayStrongBeautiful!
Well, I'm obviously looking for a one x one role-play. A little bit about me is that I am female and prefer to role-play females but if that is a problem we can double up (one boy one girl each). I'm an experienced role-player and have been role-playing for a few years now as well as writing my own stories and books in my spare time. How much I write depends on my muse and how much you give me to work with. I tend to mirror posts so if you give me one line I'll give you one line and if you give me four+ paragraphs I'll give you four+ paragraphs. I am on everyday but If I am not online for various reasons I will let you know, I expect you to do the same. What I expect from you is to not abandon the role-play without telling me, If you aren't enjoying it let me know, I wont bite. I expect you to be pretty flexible with what gender you choose as I am quite comfortable playing female. Reply at least 4 times a week, if you can't do this because you are busy I do understand. I'd appreciate it if you gave me something to work with, one liners tend to make me lose interest very quickly.
Now, what you've all been waiting for, this is what I'm wanting to do.

Bad Boy x Good Girl
Popular Boy x Loner/broken Girl
Popular Boy x Nerdy Girl
Best friends since they were young who fall in love.
Two people fall in love, one gets diagnosed with an illness and doesn't know how long he/she will live for. (Craving!)

I'm open for any suggestions!

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Re: Search for One x One Roleplays here!

Post  Salt. on Fri Jan 02, 2015 10:08 pm

about myself;
-I consider myself a literate/advanced writer
- I Like to role play mature topics (lotta violence, lotta romance)
-Detail obsessed
- 4+ paragraphs minimum
-Get on at the least once every two days

what I'm looking for;
-A literate writer
-Goodish grammar (Capital I's)
-Mirror posts  
-Will play female character
-Is not afraid to create conflict and plot twists in the role play.

Discalmer: Do not message me if you are uncomfortable with role-playing scenes of strong violence, blood, crude language, and or sexual content.

Plot  (Spartacus spin off with OC characters & historical content);

"He vows to endure to be burned, to be bound, to be beaten, and to be killed by the sword." The gladiator's oath

At the heart of the Roman Republic rests a single Gladiator school. Ludus is as infamous as the savages it breeds, the warriors it harvests. Beneath it's floors twenty of the best Gladiators; slaves, traitors and volunteers alike, are held. Atilius Ludus, the master and owner of the school, despite his foothold in the Senate and his wealth, he has one flaw- a daughter. Her beauty is of legends, she is intelligent, strong willed - but she is not a son. Atilius, in an attempt to gain more political power, has planned to marry her off to a wealthy senator despite his notorious temper and abusive hand. While all of this lies true, beneath the surface, beneath the money, and the blood shed, a single entity remains -love. This love is forged between and man and a women who were doomed for separate fates. The man, a gladiator, enslaved by the republic, the women - the daughter of the man who owns him. She visits him beneath the cover of night fall, fuels a flame that even the God's cannot quench. She has bound her self to a man who was born in the fire of war, who is unpredictable, who is uncontrollable, and by doing so she has become the sole reason he fights, the only reason he wins. But as civil war ensues, whispers of a rebellion are heard, and corruption of the senate is seen, Atilius is anxious to marry his daughter off, secure his position before Ludus comes crumbling down, and so the gladiator and the daughter will be ripped further and further apart and it becomes more and more apparent that their fate has already been sealed. Or... is fate a choice?
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Re: Search for One x One Roleplays here!

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